Kaholee Refit | November 15, 2007

This morning, I finished up the work for now on Kaholee.  I made up the PVC pipe supports for the boat cover by running line through their centers and connecting two pipes with a single line.  I draped these over the ridge, then secured the bottoms of the poles with additional line.  I added chafe gear where appropriate.

Before installing the cover, I removed the batteries for storage.  I also removed the companionway ladder, step, and part of the engine box, since all of these required painting or refinishing--work I could do here and there over the next couple months.  Finally, I removed the cook stove, since I needed to take it somewhere to see about adapting the LPG connection to the proper flare-type fitting that I needed.

I installed a silver tarp and secured it with a few lines before pulling the boat out of the shop and parking the trailer next to the building.  Then, I finished up the tiedown with several more lines run to tent stakes in the ground, and other lines as necessary to fully secure the tarp.

I'll pick up this project again sometime in early 2008 as we turn to the final phase of jobs required before sailaway.  For now, all shop work will concentrate on the other projects underway.


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