Kaholee Refit | November 12, 2007

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in...

While the work for Phase II really was essentially complete, I had a few odds and ends to deal with before moving the boat outdoors for storage.

First and foremost, I learned today that the dodger and bimini were complete, so Richard Hallett and I made arrangements to install it this coming Wednesday.  To fully prepare for this, I needed to complete the traveler installation by locating and installing the two turning blocks down at the deck; these blocks lead the traveler control lines aft from the raised traveler itself.

Using a line to mock up the leads, I located the two blocks and marked the screw holes.  Then, I overbored the holes (the blocks take #10 fasteners) with a 3/8" Forstner bit in the usual way, drilling through the deck and into the core, but not through the inner skin.  I filled these holes with thickened epoxy.


While I was at it, I determined the location for the new 6" bronze mooring bitt forward.  I double-checked the location of the chain locker bulkhead from beneath, using a measurement from the after of two old (and filled) screw holes from the old bow cleat as a reference to transfer the measurement to the top side of the deck.  It was a bit over 4" from the after hole to the bulkhead, so I used 4" as a measurement from up on top.  In this manner, I determined where I could place the bit so that the fasteners and backing plate would all end up forward of the bulkhead; I located the aft end of the bitt an inch forward of my mark, leaving plenty of room for a backing plate beneath.

Once I fine-tuned the location, I marked the holes and used a 7/8" bit to overbore as usual, and filled these holes with epoxy at the same time as the traveler block holes.  I didn't plan to install the bitt right off, since I needed fasteners and backing plates, but at least the deck would be prepared for easy installation later on.


Finally, I applied a foam gasket to the inside of the engine control lever housing to seal up the installation.  That was all I needed to do today, though I did order some fasteners for the mooring bit and for the traveler hardware so that I could get that installed.  (I still planned to hold off on the mooring bit installation till later, though.)

Total Time on This Job Today: 2.5 hours

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