Kaholee Refit | March 5, 2007

I began today with some additional mockups and consideration in the galley.  To that end, I posted additional pictures and comments to the ongoing galley and interior mockup page so that we could best determine how to proceed with some new galley cabinetry, construction of which is slated for the near future.

Since I was still waiting for materials for the seacocks and ports installation--the delay partly my fault, and partly because of a snafu on my supplier's ordering website--I turned my attention to the v-berth once more.  I needed some 5/8" plywood to match what was already there, so I headed out to pick it up.  Normally, I would choose another sort of plywood, but in this case it made sense to only match that which had been previously installed.

Once back at the shop, I spent much of the afternoon cutting the three additional pieces to fit, and also cutting access hatches in all three pieces to allow for use of the lockers beneath.  To support the hatches, I installed hardwood cleats beneath the opening in a typical manner, though I always like to mill a chamfer on the inside lower edge of the cleats so that they present a smoother corner when one reaches through the opening.

Projects like this are deceptively simple.  In reality, they take far more time than anyone would guess.  But within a couple hours, I had the various pieces cut, recut to fine tune the fit, and installed with screws.  Finally, I painted the insides of these lockers with more of the "Kaholee custom" gray Bilgekote to cover some white paint drips, and to also coat the insides of the locker openings and hardwood cleats.

Not an exciting day, but a necessary process nonetheless.  This left the forward cabin ready for additional painting.


Total Time on This Job Today:  4+ hours

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