Kaholee Refit | January 8, 2007

I began this morning with some cleanup.  The interior of the boat was full of dust, and it was time to remove the worst of it so that I could anticipate working inside without stirring up a respirator-requiring cloud.  I used a shop vacuum to clean up the dust from all areas; this required cleaning the vacuum's filter several times, as it clogged quickly with the fine grinding dust.  I cleaned the dust from all areas, including the depths of lockers and the bilge.

With the inside of the boat relatively clean, I swept and vacuumed some of the shop area so that the overall atmosphere would be cleaner.  While I had more sanding and grinding ahead, the most significant portions were over with, and it'd be easier to stay ahead of the cleaning curve.


One reason for this cleanup was that I needed to fit again the mockup of the fuel tank, as I had to work out the final specifications of the tank and its fittings before Tuesday morning, when the welding shop needed the final information.  I located the fuel fill neck, supply, return, and vent line locations, and a few other critical components, and sent the information off.

I had to focus on some other shop jobs for much of the day, but during the afternoon I managed to remove the stainless steel rubrail from around the boat.  The old sealant or bedding compound, whatever it was, was dried and simply fell away in chunks as I removed the rails.  I removed the rails to allow for a better preparation and painting job on the decks.  I marked each as I removed it, and stored them for reuse later.


I also took the opportunity to cut the actual opening for the new forward hatch.  Using the hatch itself as a template, I marked a line on the deck and cut out the hole with a jigsaw; then, I fine-tuned it with a grinder as necessary to allow the hatch to slip through.

The camber of the coachroof in this area would necessitate a raised coaming later in order to accommodate the curvature of the deck; I planned to build this from mahogany later.  For now, the opening was cut.

Total Time on This Job Today:  3.75 hours

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