Kaholee Refit | August 31, 2007

Once again, I spent nearly the whole day working on the electrical system.  To start, though, I had to spend some time ordering more wire and other parts for the system; I was nearly out of wire already.  Of course, my usual supplier was backordered on the yellow wire I needed, forcing me to search elsewhere to find some (at a reasonable price) that I could get sooner.  I placed the orders, and got to work on the boat.

I continued with various wiring runs and installations, including installing two additional 12-volt outlets (one in the port v-berth and another one in the sink base in the galley), and an additional location for a 12-volt outlet on the port side of the saloon where the Engel portable refrigerator was to be located.  Here, I also installed a 110V receptacle (20 amp GFCI), since the refer can be operated on either 12V or 110V.  The 12V receptacle required is on order.

With the bulk wiring on the port side complete, at least as far as the runs to the forward cabins went, I spent some time bundling and securing the wires through the head compartment in preparation for terminating some of the mast wiring.  Since I was now out of primary wire, it made sense to work at some of the related tasks while I awaited the delivery next week.  Note that the raw locker behind the head seen here has been left unfinished until I can fabricate and install the holding tank support structure.

Wiring is a lot of time-consuming work with little visual satisfaction.  But most of the bulk wiring is complete at this stage, with only a few basic runs remaining.  Then of course there's the heavier-duty wiring required for the windless, plus the battery cables and related work.



I wrapped up the day's--and the month's and the week's--work by cleaning up the cabin and applying a coat of satin varnish to the cabin sole. I also applied more varnish (gloss) to the cockpit coamings and sea hood.  The cabin sole really isn't as dark as it appears in these photos.  This completed the work on the cabin sole, other than some white paint around the edges that I'll take care of shortly.

Total Time on This Job Today:  8.75 hours

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