Kaholee Refit | August 30, 2007

Today, I worked on the electrical all day, save for the usual sanding and coats of varnish on the woodworking projects currently underway.  Of course I applied the varnish at the very end of the day.  With this, I thought that there was enough buildup of the gloss varnish on the cabin sole, so the next coat will be the topcoat of satin varnish.


I ran an additional pair of wires to the mast area for spreader lights, and then began running the wiring to the various fixtures on the starboard side:  more lighting, two fans, fresh water pump, and galley sink sump pump, as well as to another 12-volt outlet that I planned to install in the sink module.  Preparing for the wire runs took much of the morning, with the need to drill a number of holes through cabinetry and install the appropriate cable clamps and supports through which to run the wires..


Unfortunately, in some areas it just isn't possible to completely hide the wires to certain fixtures.  In these areas, I tried to keep the wiring as neat and orderly as possible to minimize its visual burden.  These are in the hanging locker forward.


This sort of progress is significant, yet not particularly noteworthy from a photographic or journalistic standpoint.  I neared the end of my new supply of wire, however, and ordered more to be delivered first thing next week, after the holiday.  Meantime, there's enough wire for a few more fixtures, after which there are plenty of related wiring tasks I can turn to while awaiting the new supply of wire.

Total Time on This Job Today:  6.75 hours

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