Kaholee Refit | August 17, 2007

Today was more woodwork interspersed with some planning ahead for the next stages of the project:  electrical and plumbing.

I began with the coamings, and completed the final milling (roundovers on the top and inside bottom edges) and sanding to prepare them for varnish.  Late in the day, I applied the first sealer coat of varnish to the coamings.


I lightly sanded all of yesterday's varnish work to prepare the pieces for another coat, which I applied late in the day.   In between, I cleaned up the week's wood chips and sanding dust in the shop.


I began the layout and planning for the cabin sole.  I was looking forward to covering up the raw fiberglass sole; the new sole would really start to pull the interior together.

I began with a centerline down the sole, and struck two additional lines about 3/32"off center to allow for a 3/16" gap between the first two boards.  Earlier, I had determined that this size gap ("seam") would look the best.  Then, I dry-laid a few pieces of the teak to see how the spacing worked out with the bilge access hatches.  With only some minor adjustment, it looked like I would have full strips of teak running along the outboard edges of the hatches, which was perfect. 

With the basic layout complete, I began to lay out individual boards.  The cabin sole is small, but presented a challenge in its smallness, given the amount of cutting required to fit the sole along the curved edges and tight confines.  Over an hour or two, I laid out several of the pieces on the starboard side, which got me a good start and would pave the way for more significant progress on Monday.



Total Time on This Job Today:  5.25 hours

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