Kaholee Refit | August 15, 2007

I began this morning with one of the plywood panels in the galley.  It was ready for installation, so I secured it in place with some epoxy adhesive and screws as required.  Meanwhile, I applied the final coat of white paint to the other panels up in the paint room.


After some final tweaking and layout, I cut out the openings in the electrical panel.  My plan is to cut this panel vertically along a line between the two electrical panels (to the left) and the other three items to the right, and install a hinge here so that the entire panel may be swung open, once installed) for maintenance and access to the wiring behind.  Since I hadn't worked out all the details of this portion of the project, I refrained from cutting the plywood in two just yet.

I spent most of the rest of the morning sanding all the door blanks that I glued up the other day to remove excess epoxy and smooth them out in preparation for the next milling steps.  I also sanded (minimally) the glued-up coaming blocks, test-fit and marked them in place with the coamings on the boat, and then removed the coamings so that I could epoxy the blocks to the leading edges.


In the afternoon, I performed a series of milling operations on the door blanks.  Each door required three separate operations:  first, a roundover on the outer edges of the door, as well as around the inside perimeter; next, a rabbet on the back side of the open center portion of the door frame, to accept the eventual mahogany slats that I planned to finish off the doors; and finally, a second rabbet around the outer perimeter of the inside of the doors, so that the doors would overlay their openings in the boat.

I test-fit the doors, and, as expected, found that I needed to nip off the corners inside to account for the rounded corners of the locker openings.  I cut off each corner with a hand saw.  These jobs, along with a few odds and ends, completed the day's work.


Total Time on This Job Today:  7 hours

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