Iota Refit | Monday, March 10, 2008

I continued on the new woodwork today, concentrating mostly on the coamings and forward hatch frame since the sea hood was essentially complete, other than some final sanding.

I finished shaping the bottom (deck) side of the forward hatch frame, using a planer and sander as required to fine-tune the fore-and-aft curvature and cutting the rounded corners with a jigsaw.  I test-fit the frame on the deck, and when I was happy with the fit, I rounded over the top edges and sanded the assembly smooth.



I marked a curve on the top and bottom of the rough coaming blocks, and then shaped the blocks to the profile using planer and sander.  Then, I routed a round-over on the top edges of the coamings and sanded them smooth to prepare for varnish.


With all the woodwork complete and sanded smooth, I cleaned up the pieces and applied the first, sealing, coat of varnish.



Total time on woodworking projects today: 4.5 hours

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