Iota Refit | Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I started the day by sanding the port side of the hull again, this time with the finishing sander and 80-120 grits, and finally with a palm sander and 120 grit again.  Then, I ground out any minor cracks, gouges, or other interruptions; there were fewer on the port side than I'd found on the starboard side, though there were very few overall.

Next, I sanded yesterday's epoxy filler on the starboard hull, and prepared the areas needing a second application before mixing up more filler and applying it to the areas on both sides of the hull as necessary.


Later, I used a heat gun and putty knife to remove the old nonskid material from two cockpit hatches, and then sanded them as needed, along with the cockpit icebox hatch and the companionway hatch.  I prepared a few old screw holes and minor gouges for filler, and then applied epoxy filler to those areas.

With little else to do on the hull or deck at this stage, I went inside the boat and removed the wooden supports from beneath the foredeck, and then created a cardboard template in the shape of the cutout needed for a new forward hatch, which I didn't yet have on hand but I needed to cut the opening in the coachroof before painting.



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