Iota Refit | Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I began this morning by machine-sanding what I could of yesterday's new fillets and other filled areas.  Some handwork inevitably remained, which I'd address shortly.  But first, I switched to a random orbit finishing sander and sanded the coachroof, cabin trunk, cockpit, and decks with 80 and 120 grit paper, since the bulk fairing and sanding was complete.  I planned one additional overall sanding with my vibrating palm sander and 120 grit later, when all other preparations were done.

With everything sanded, and a clear idea of which areas required hand-sanding, I proceeded and hand-sanded where required with 80 and 120 grit paper.  I left the cockpit for tomorrow, as I had quite a bit of hand work there to remove the final bits of paint from the corners and around the icebox hatch--work that was best left for its own day.

When I'd completed the day's sanding and cleaned up, I applied a bit more fairing compound to a few areas as needed, mostly as a touch-up to some small low areas.  Before the weekend, I planned to apply the final coat of Alexseal epoxy surfacing compound to the decks to fill any fine pinholes left by the microballoon mixture, but otherwise the main filling and fairing work on the deck areas was complete.





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