Iota Refit | Monday, January 21, 2008

Continuing the fairing and surfacing process, today I water-washed and sanded the epoxy fairing compound that I applied on Friday. The smaller areas--fastener holes and the like--required only a minor second filling, and the recored deck areas were getting quite close to completion, with only a few low areas remaining. 

To further reinforce some larger holes that I was patching, notably the old wiring holes around the mast step and two ragged holes in the poop deck, I cut some fiberglass material and epoxied it in place in the 7 openings.

Afterwards, I cleaned up and applied another round of fairing compound as needed.  I intentionally overfilled the fastener holes to accommodate the inevitable shrinkage of the epoxy, as I hoped to make this the last application for those areas.





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