Iota Refit | Sunday, February 24, 2008

With the paint spraying complete on both hull and deck, I removed all the tape and plastic, exposing the full boat for the first time.  I also made preparations to move the boat into the other part of the shop for the remainder of the work, as I needed the main bay for another project.  I planned to move the boats tomorrow.

Here's at least a partial list of what lies ahead in the coming weeks:

  1. Tape and paint nonskid areas (White)
  2. Reinstall deck hardware and ports
  3. Inspect and repair (if necessary) lower chainplate knees; install new SS chainplates
  4. Inspect and repair (if necessary) mast support beam (initial inspection seems sound)
  5. Fabricate and install new mahogany cockpit coamings
  6. Fabricate and install new mahogany sea hood
  7. Fabricate and install new forward hatch surround and install hatch





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