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Hatsy II | Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One chore remaining was to try and locate the source of some leaks on the starboard side that the owner mentioned had plagued him over the years.  To that end, I flooded the decks--and in particular the area in question--with water from a hose so I could try and see what was happening.

After some time doing this, I began to see water inside the boat, and traced it to several fasteners securing the aft end of the genoa track (which track ran for about half the length of the boat, starting at the starboard quarter and running to the aft end of the foredeck) and forward end of the starboard aft teak toerail trim.

Unfortunately, the design and construction of the boat and her interior/cabin liner made realistic access to the underside of the bolts securing these items extremely difficult, if not impossible thanks to tight spaces, awkward angles, and other constrictions.  I notified the owner of my findings, and awaited a decision on how or if to proceed.

Meanwhile, I continued work on the various woodwork underway, and applied additional varnish to all pieces, while behind the scenes we continued work on the final touches for new vinyl lettering for the transom.

Total Time on This Job Today:  2.25  hours

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