Equinox Project | Monday, December 15, 2008

The epoxy in the bilge had cured over the weekend, so I began by water-washing it, then lightly sanding it to prepare for the overlay of fiberglass.  After cleaning up, I test-fit the fiberglass that I'd cut last week, and trimmed some of the pieces to fit better as required, as well as made a few reference marks for alignment once I started actually installing the material.

Next, I prepared the boat and materials needed for the fiberglass project, taking the time to better secure the plastic that I'd hastily erected on Friday to protect adjacent areas from resin and gathering a wet-out board, tools, and the like.  With preparations complete, I then installed three overlapping layers of heavy biaxial material in epoxy, running each layer up the sides of the keel and across the ballast pig beneath.


Since I couldn't do much else on the boat while waiting for the fiberglass to cure, I spent the afternoon in the woodshop working on the sundry interior and exterior teak trim that I'd removed from the boat.  For the interior pieces, which had been oiled, I sanded lightly with 120 and 220 grit paper to clean up the surfaces for varnish; on the exterior teak, which was weathered, rather rough, and partially covered with old finishes, I sanded more heavily, beginning with 80 grit paper, to remove the discoloration and old finish, and to smooth the wood.  I continued with different papers and tools until finish-sanding with 220 grit paper.  I set the pieces aside for the varnish room.





Total Time on This Job Today:  5.75 hours

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