Equinox Project | Friday, April 3, 2009

I had some business away from the shop for much of the morning, but as soon as I returned I fixed the starter solenoid threading problem and attached, finally, the battery cable.

With that done, I continued work on several of the engine-related systems, beginning with the raw water side of the cooling system.  I installed the bronze sea strainer next to the engine in its pre-determined location, and ran 3/4" intake hose to the strainer from the intake seacock, and from the strainer to the engine's front-mounted raw water pump.


Next, I ran more of the 3/4" hose from the exhaust manifold outlet to a new bronze anti-siphon valve, which I located in the cockpit locker, and then back to the raw water injection port on the exhaust riser.  I didn't mount the valve just yet, as I needed to epoxy a wooden block inside the locker so I'd have something to which to screw the valve, but it was all ready to go as soon as the block was glued in place.

From the top of the valve, I ran a length of 1/4" hose to an existing fitting on the existing exhaust gooseneck just inside the transom outlet, replacing an old length of hose that had been in place originally. 
Later, I secured the valve in place and attached the 1/4" hose to the top.

I discovered that I didn't have the right size hose clamps for the 1-5/8" exhaust hose, so I ordered what I needed and pre-cut the hose lengths to fit.  At the engine end, I had to loop the hose around from the riser outlet to the nearby Waterlok muffler; the remaining hose run from the muffler to the outlet was a straight shot.  I left these unclamped pending arrival of the materials I needed.

I could make up most of the new fuel system as well.  I connected and secured 5/16" fuel line to the filter, engine supply, and engine return, and ran the hoses into the starboard cockpit locker for eventual attachment to the fuel tank, as soon as I installed it.  I secured the hoses along the bulkhead and protected them from chafe as needed.  Installation of the fuel tank was pending.

This work took up most of the time I had available, but at the end of the afternoon I cleaned up a bit and then chiseled the new bungs in the cabin flush and dabbed them with varnish to match the surrounding woodwork.  I installed the new "adapter plate" for the GPS mount and attached the RAM clamp to the existing swing-arm mount in the boat. 

Using some metal polish I had on hand, I tried cleaning up the stainless steel stove surround, but it didn't have the results I'd hoped for, with some of the rust spots remaining after the cleaning.  I'd have to try something different, I guess.  Finally, with the work in the cabin more or less complete, I installed the teak veneer cabin sole, screwing it into place as original, and epoxied the small cutout veneer piece to the new hatch in the cabin sole at the forward end, weighting it down with some tools to hold it firmly while the epoxy cured. 



Total Time on This Job Today:  5.5 hours

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