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Ensign #1212 | Wednesday, July 23, 2014

With an appointment in the afternoon and a short day planned, I got right back to work on the ongoing paint and brightwork.  The new primer on the cockpit shelves and v-berth insert had dried overnight, and after a light sanding and cleaning I applied the first coat of semi-gloss white enamel to the parts. 


Because the boat had been taped and covered for hull paint work when I built the new cabin doors, I'd not yet had a chance to test fit them in the opening.  Before I got too far into the varnish process, I checked their fit, and found a need to trim about 1/16" from each door to allow proper closing.

I continued work on the varnish, and after the usual rounds of sanding and cleaning, I applied another coat to the various pieces ongoing at the moment:  starboard seat slats (5); cabin doors (4, just the interior side this time); vents (3).


After water-washing and sanding as needed, I applied a layer of 17oz. biax material over the leading edge of the keel to reinforce the small patched area.  Later in the day, when the fiberglass was firm but still green, I applied a coat of fairing filler over the area.

Preparing ahead for reassembling the boat and hardware, I pulled out all the old hardware and fasteners from storage, and began to go through them so I could clean things up as well as catalog and purchase new fasteners as required for reinstallation.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  4

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