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Ensign #1212 | Monday, July 21, 2014

My first order of business was to lightly sand the new primer in the cabin and cockpit areas, after which I vacuumed and solvent washed before applying the first coats of white semi-gloss enamel. 




I set up the cockpit sole outdoors, and washed the surface with a wood brightener to remove dirt and stains and (duh) brighten the teak.  Afterwards, when the wood had dried, I lightly sanded the surface as a final step in the process.


Back to the ongoing varnish work, I sanded and revarnished the various pieces underway: cockpit coamings (7 coats now back on the inboard side); starboard seat slats (3 coats); tiller (4 new coats).  Because I wanted to do some other things in the woodshop, I moved the brightwork operation out to the boatshop for now.


Solid Honduras mahogany louvered vents, close in size to the originals, arrived from the manufacturer, and with the vents now on hand I laid out and cut out the cabin doors to accept them.


Using a small sprayer and thinned varnish, I applied varnish to all the louvers, attempting to get all the tight areas protected.  Then, I coated the entire vents with a sealer coat of varnish.  Meanwhile, I continued the varnish work on the new doors with the second coat to all surfaces.


The plywood shelf outboard of the cockpit seat on the port side featured a small damaged area on one side.  To repair this, I cut a graving piece from scrap plywood and removed an identical section of the original shelf, after which I glued in the patch with a slim strip of scrap mahogany beneath (also glued in place) to help hold it in position.  The underside of the shelf would be in an area not easily nor normally seen once installed in the boat.  This simple repair, which enabled reuse of the basic plywood shelf, would be all but invisible once I repainted the shelf.


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  8.25

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