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Ensign #1212 | Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now that the shiny parts of the deck were complete, I removed the masking from the deck and elsewhere so I could continue the painting processes for the deck and hull. 






Turning to the hull, I set up my waterline braces so I could strike the top edge of the boottop.  I set up my horizontal beams at stem and stern, first at the already-determined waterline level to determine a base point, then I raised them by the height of the boottop, or 2-1/2".


Stretching a string between the level beams, and pulling it in incrementally from amidships to the stern and stem so I could mark the level line on the hull. 




Eventually, this produced a series of marks on the hull that I'd use later to mask off the boottop before painting the topsides.  For now, though, with some time constraints, I needed to move on to some varnish work before the end of the day, so I left masking for later.


To wrap up the day, I made final preparations and tack-off and varnished the bottom sides and edges of the seat slats (six coats), which would likely be the last coating for these areas; since these surfaces wouldn't be seen, I'd been varnishing them and flipping the boards so I could do the top surfaces at the same time, but I wanted to get an unblemished coat on the undersides.  Later, I'd flip them over and continue some varnish buildup on the top surfaces and edges as needed.


Meanwhile, I continued varnish buildup on the outboard side of the coamings (fourth coat), seat supports and legs (sixth coat), and various interior and exterior trim pieces (six coats).


Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  6.25

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