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Triton Modifications

While it's hardly a common pursuit, modifying an older boat like the Triton into some new creation--like a more open, simplistic daysailor--is hardly a new idea.  There is at least one complete, successful transformation of a Triton hull into a daysailor, and at least one failed attempt.  My intent in highlighting the boats below is not to be critical, but to point out features that I personally either like or don't like, and why.  Boat design and execution is subjective.  I think I have a fair eye for proportional and pleasing aesthetics, but not all may agree with my own opinions.  The boat I'm going to build will please me first, and I believe it will please others.

A Failed Attempt

Here's one, somewhere, that someone started a sort of similar project on.
It looks like they just cut off the aft portion of the original cabin trunk and left the forward portion.
Either way, it's not nice, and is not the look I am going for.

A Much More Successful Conversion

This one is much better, and the craftsmanship is evident.  Still, they made
some design choices and execution decisions that I might not have done,
and my own concept is something a bit different.  In my opinion, this particular
conversion is too "cab forward"--in other words, the cockpit is so long, and
the small cabin trunk so far forward ,that the boat doesn't quite have pleasing
proportions.  In addition, the transom has been extended in an attempt to draw
out the lines of the boat.  I'm not sure if this was successful, given the relatively
short original bow overhang of the Triton design.  This contributes to the
"forward-heavy" look of this boat.  Still, it's an attractive conversion overall, but
not quite what I would do--nor what I intend to do.

To see further details on this particular boat, click here.  


Here is an interesting photo of a Triton with her deck removed.
Click on the photo for the story that explains the photo.
I was 6 months old when this photo was taken!









Boatbuilding and Design Resources

Details of Classic Boat Construction:  The Hull, By Larry Pardey
How to Build a Wooden Boat
, by David C. (Bud) McIntosh
Beuhler's Backyard Boatbuilding
, by George Beuhler
Skene's Elements of Yacht Design, by Francis S. Kinney (Out of print, but a valuable, classic  resource)


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