Bolero Project | Monday, June 2, 2008

I began by wrapping up some details with the v-berth fiddles and surrounding areas.  I cut and installed bungs in the screw holes; after several hours, when the glue had cured, I trimmed off the excess bung and sanded the areas smooth. 

I also worked on the small platform between the berths--a feature that to date has not lent itself any particularly appropriate name.  It's not part of the cabin sole, per se, as it's raised up above the sole by several inches.  It's not really a locker, so I guess we just call it a "between the berth storage area".

In any event, I used cardboard to template for the platform base, a blank for which I'd earlier glued up out of solid cherry.  With the template appropriately made, I cut the cherry panel to size and fine-tuned it till it fit properly.  Then, I cut a length of pre-milled fiddle material (extending about 3-1/2" above the platform for a secure hold for whatever might end up stored there) to fit the width of the aft end of the platform.

I planned for these two pieces to be removable, on the off-chance that access might be needed to the keel bolt located directly beneath.  Earlier, during installation of the major mahogany mast support beam, I'd allowed for access by boring a large hole directly over the bolt.  The new cherry platform needed to remain removable in order to access this, so I drilled and counterbored for some bronze screws to hold the platform eventually in place.  Similarly, I drilled and countersunk for two screws to hold the fiddle trim in place, so that it could also be removed to allow removal of the platform.  For now, I refrained from installing these pieces permanently.


The owners of the boat were due in from Washington state for a visit late in the afternoon, so I refrained from sanding or varnishing anything in the boat lest it limit access for inspection.  Instead, I turned to the cockpit seat slats, stacked for some time in the shop.  With installation pending, I needed to build up some protective coats of varnish on the bottom face and sides of these slats, which would be much more difficult to access once they were installed.  So I sanded the sealer coat of varnish on all 34 slats, cleaned the pieces, and applied a second coat.


Total Time on This Job Today:  5.5 hours

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