Bolero Project | Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I began with the cockpit seats again:  I chiseled and sanded the bungs flush, and sanded the entire seating areas to prepare them for their next coat of varnish.  Afterwards, I cleaned up the shavings and dust from the cockpit.


After a morning meeting, I pulled out and organized all the deck hardware and other bits and pieces that I'd need to install over the next week or two, and inventoried the fasteners required for each piece so that I could order whatever was necessary and have the fasteners on hand ready for the hardware's installation.

I started work on the taffrail.  Because of the camber of the deck, I knew I couldn't a piece of stock the correct thickness (3/4"), so I planed down some pieces of teak to 3/8" thickness.  As I began laying out the cuts and figuring out the process of the taffrail construction, though, I realized things just weren't clicking for me, and decided to put that job aside for the day--a job best left for a fresh start.

Instead, I took care of a number of the smaller jobs on my list, including installing teak bungs in the toerail, taping off and painting some interior sections (bulkhead tabbing and the small bit of exposed hull above the cabin sole), and, finally, applying varnish to the cockpit seats, as well as some smaller removable components of the boat, such as the tiller and after hatch.




Total Time on This Job Today:  7.25  hours

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