Bolero Project | Friday, July 11, 2008

I started where I left off last evening:  with the final tape line for the upper boot stripe.  It didn't take too long to apply the tape and fair it by eye as needed.  Afterwards, I critically eyed the lines again from all around; then, I pulled the boat outdoors so that I could view the lines from a greater distance and all angles, to be sure they looked right.






Satisfied, I returned the boat to the shop and sanded the paint within the taped-off areas to prepare it for the boot top white.  Once the sanding was complete, I covered the boat with plastic and paper and tape to protect the finished surfaces, leaving only the narrow boot stripes exposed.



Then, over the course of a few hours I spray-applied 4 coats of Alexseal snow white--the extra coat to ensure good coverage over the dark blue beneath.



Total Time on This Job Today: 6.75  hours

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