Bolero Project | December 10, 2007

I started out by sanding the Alexseal filler I'd applied to the hull and deck on Saturday.  I used 80 grit paper on an orbital finishing sander to smooth the areas on the deck, and afterwards performed a near-final smoothing with 120 grit.  On the hull, I used only 120 grit paper.


Another Shields owner had arranged to obtain some of the old hardware and boat parts that we didn't plan to reuse, and I spent some time collecting the parts in advance of his visit at around 1000.  He stayed for a brief period and headed off with his "new" gear.

After a few consultation sessions over the weekend, the owner and I agreed that the anchor locker proposal that I'd mocked up last week looked like it would be an acceptable solution to the anchoring problem, so with the bulk of the layout already completed on the deck, all I had to do was lay out the curved corners and cut out the deck hatch along the line.

Once I had the hatch piece cut out, I lightly sanded the cut edges as necessary (I'd used a very fine blade for the cut), and sanded the bottom (underside) of the new hatch.  The hatch spanned the transition between the cored foredeck and the uncored stem area, and this, coupled with some general unevenness in the laminate thickness of the inner skin, would make creating a lip for the door to close against a bit more involved than it might have been in an ideal world, though I had expected this.




I was basically ready for primer at any time now, but first I wanted to do one more sanding with a vibrating finishing sander on the hull and deck; I was waiting for a new pad for the sander base that I'd ordered a few days ago, so I decided to start figuring out what I needed for wood and sheet goods for the next stages of the project, from bulkhead material to interior cabinetry to the solid wood for the cabin trunk, hull ceiling to cockpit sole, and more. Measuring for the basic pieces and translating this into a board-by-board list took the rest of the day, but by quitting time I had a list of materials ready to submit to my supplier for a price estimate, which I planned to do in the morning.

Total Time on This Job Today: 8 hours

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