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| Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Though I'd originally thought of leaving the tubular anchor platform in place, rather than fight with its further removal, my recent time in that area sanding highlighted what looked like suspect sealant where its mounting flange bolted through the stem (more silicone), and the hanging platform, while essentially out of the way, looked to be a continual bother as the project went forward.  So I decided to remove the two bolts securing it through the stem, working from the tight confines of the chainlocker to remove the nuts and eventually remove the platform. 


I spent most of the rest of the day stripping the deck covering, picking up where I left off and working my way up the rest of the port side, then down the starboard side, removing all the material from the sidedecks.  The coachroof and cockpit would be next.  Depending on its original installation specifics, some of this material came off easily, some that was better bonded originally was more difficult to remove (and left more adhesive and paper residue behind).




Initial (and brief) attempts at heating and removing the remnants of adhesive were not encouraging, but time would tell.  In any event, once I got the rest of the deck covering stripped off, I'd turn to the next steps required, whatever that would be.

Before moving on with additional removal and preparation steps on these portions (and eventually all portions) of the deck, I wanted to begin to assess the underlying structural condition.  Removal of the top covering on the starboard sidedeck had revealed evidence of previous repairs, where someone had drilled holes and installed resin/adhesive into the deck, perhaps in a repair attempt.  I sounded the now-exposed areas of the deck to start the process, noting with a marker any areas where I felt I needed to investigate further.  Fortunately, only a few isolated (and marginal) areas came to light, and I'd look into these areas further in the near future to determine if additional work would be required.




Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  7.25

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