Aphelion Refit | July 18, 2007

After allowing a full day for the new paint on the boottop to cure sufficiently, I addressed the redundant strip of blue paint beneath, sanding it away with 80 grit paper.  Then, to cover the area and provide a taste of things to come, I applied a coat of the new green bottom paint (Micron CSC) to the area directly below the boottop, and extending down about 12" onto the hull.  For now, I left the remainder unpainted, since the boat hauler was scheduled to arrive in a few hours to move the boat outdoors to the yard; later I'll finish up with the first coat, and apply a second coat later on when the boat is closer to her ultimate launch.

This made me feel a lot better, and improved the appearance of the boat.



Later in the day, I had the boat hauled out of the shop and placed in the yard for storage.  When time allows, I'll finish up the first coat of bottom paint, and eventually cover the decks for the winter, as the boat is to stay here till another phase of the project sometime next year.



Total Time on This Job Today:  1.25 hours

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