Aphelion Refit | June 29, 2007

Today, I re-sanded the hull patches with 120 grit; most of the areas were smooth and flush after this, but I found a few low spots that would require a third filling.

Next, I sanded the entire topsides with 180 grit, and finally 220 grit to complete the smoothing and sanding necessary for paint preparation, and to ensure that the low spots revealed by the earlier sanding remained low after the final sanding.

With the sanding complete, I used acetone to remove the adhesive left behind in the cove stripe recess; this frankly made a mess, but with plenty of acetone and clean rags I removed all the adhesive and residue.

To round out the day, I applied a third--and hopefully final--coat of the Alexseal fairing compound to the few areas requiring it.  It was a beautiful afternoon, so I had to play hooky and go to my boat.

With some personal business coming up on Monday, next week's work won't get started till Tuesday morning.  Nonetheless, the project schedule is looking good, and the hull should be all set for primer by the end of next week, and topcoats shortly thereafter.



Total Time on This Job Today:  4 hours

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