Aphelion Refit | June 28, 2007

I began today by sanding the filled areas on the hull.  I used 120 grit paper on my finishing sander.  Sanding revealed that most of the areas were still low, so once I was through with the sanding, I cleaned the spots again and refilled with more of the Alexseal fairing compound.




With that done, I moved on to the starboard cove stripe, and removed the vinyl tape using heat gun and putty knife.  The starboard side went a bit more quickly than the port, perhaps because the tape was in better condition and I was able to pull longer lengths off before the tape began to tear.  Because of the curing fairing compound on the hull, some of it near the cove stripe recesses, I didn't at this time attempt to solvent-wash the adhesive left behind from the tape; that would come later.


To end the day, I wrapped up the bottom stripping and scraped and sanded the paint off the rudder and portions of the lower keel.  Interestingly, the rudder had no gelcoat that I could determine.  It was suprising what a huge amount of paint debris ended up on the floor from generally small areas, so I took some time afterwards to clean up the dusty, unhealthful mess even though I had more hull sanding ahead.



Total Time on This Job Today:  5 hours

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