Aphelion Refit | June 14, 2007

Today was all about sanding.  Continuing the process that I began late yesterday, I sanded the port side of the hull, first with 40 grit and then with 80 to clean up what remained.  I also sanded off the boottop and a few inches into the bottom paint; later, I'll remove all the bottom paint, but only after the topsides are fully sanded.



As I sanded, I discovered a ghost of a mark on the hull, roughly even with the aft height of the red antifouling paint.  Further investigation will be required to determine whether this ghostly line represents a planar mark suitable for striking the new antifouling line, but my initial thoughts were positive.  I also noted green paint beneath portions of the multi-layer white boottop.

So far, exposing the original gelcoat did not reveal any particularly surprising results, or hidden damage--other than the usual collection of previously-filled scars and gouges at the stem.



Total Time on This Job Today:  5.5 hours

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