Viewed on 23 July 2021

She is a very clean boat.  Hull and deck are painted with one-part paint, roll and tip.  Generally it looks quite good, some brush marks but a very good 10′ boat.  Superior to old gelcoat, but not a professional 2-part job–but better than average.  The overall impression is cleanliness and good maintenance.  Every locker I looked in was clean and neat.  Systems are neatly installed and newer than original.  Mast and rigging look good to the extent observed.  Engine room and related was clean and well-kept.  The engine started at once and ran well.  (Video to come a little later).

The interior is in excellent condition.  Good cushions, all neat and clean throughout.  Minor and inevitable smell in head but better than most.  She is roomy and bright with white-painted bulkheads but plenty of varnished trim so it’s still warm and inviting.

The little bulkhead at the forward end of the quarterberth (nav station seat) has some loose tabbing, which is no big deal but it’s the only thing I noticed of its nature.

Starboard spreader is drooping, which looks terrible and isn’t ideal from any standpoint.

A full survey would look into the structures and systems in greater detail, but overall it is a very nice boat with clear pride of ownership and good work throughout.

If you have any specific questions let me know (email or text best over the weekend) and I’ll try to answer.  Michael did say he is firm on the price.  I don’t know the market these days so don’t have any insight, but I’d say the boat is a fine example.  He is a nice, straightforward guy and was welcoming to me.  I think he has reason to be proud of the boat.