og June 2023


2239.6 miles, 12.1 MPG avg (got under 10 MPG on first tank heading down (with trailer), much better thereafter.  First tank coming home averaged 14 MPG, was 15 MPG till we hit the highways with higher speeds.


6/10 Saturday Depart 0100


Approaching portland, noticed noise and vibration, particularly by beginning of Tukey’s bridge (curve leading in over new Veranda st bridge).  Esp. right turns.  I pretended it was nothing but worried about lug nuts after tire rotation and they told me the lug nuts were rusty.  Stopped after toll before MTPK, not a good spot, but looked things over, nothing immediately visual, but problem was bad.  Got off in Scarborough and went to cabela’s parking lot, front left lug nuts very loose, almost hand tight, others around truck needed some tightening.  Checked at Charlton, (gas and wee), also at Gandolfini (gas and wee) no further issues for the trip.  Under 9PMG to Charlton for somereason, maybe lug nuts, but much better rest of trip.  Trailer was no issue, knew it was there, but no problems other than some transmission hunting particularly in hilly CT.  Busier travel than last couple times, most noticeable after getting on DE 1 and that whole sprawlly mess.  Lots of traffic, hot saturday in June, beaches, etc.  Arrive 1240 at lodge, all OK.  80, sun.  Tractor out, unpack, nspect property, El Maguey (stuff with steak tips excellent–H had steak burritos, T Carne Asada burrito)  Dogs were awesome on trip.


6/11 Sunday  Headed to Onley food lion at 7, wanted to try it see if it was better than Exmore (not really).  Idiotically got speeding ticket 62/45 in Onley, no excuse.  Haqrdees biscuits on the way home.  Unloaded bush hog and bikes from trailer, troubleshot 4WD on tractor, turned out to be rear shear pin in shaft (thanks FB, one small post led me to this).  Replaced without too much trouble, have another spare (and 2 spares for fwd shearpin too).  Pedals still having the issue where they get tight and don’t really move, especially after using a bit.  Weird.  Can’t tell what the issue is, sometimes they are fine.  H cut down row of cedar trees at parking area plus a few others, one tall but small diameter pine.  Loaded trailer to go to Painter.  Met neighbor Joann (discovered later her husband Joseph was the one I mete in April last year).  Dog is Trevor.  Pulled stumps with tractor, after lunch more stump work, done 1500, then to town to buy blue cheese (apparently something e4xotic here, all I could get was a tub of crumbled stuff), then new Weber at ace.  GOt home, stilton with flies on patio, G&T, thigs/rice/summer squash, movie Parisite, bed 2100+  Windy evening


6/12 Monday  Couple heavy rain showers before 0800, few rumbles.  70s, more humid.  SUn out at 8.  Organized kitchen somewhat, emailed/texted Tommy and Matthew, will call later.  (at 2PM, Matthew called and bowed out of project…disappointing, but also not).  Did small chores in house, hooks, picture hanging, PT holder, door handle.  Outside to work on “new circle” area, cut down many small trees, tried to pull stumps, cut flush where need be.  1130 trailer full, headed to Painter dump, back 1230 no problem, easy.  (1)  Filled trailer again, headed out at 3, back at 4 (2)  Annoying flies on patio and eventually in house.  Dumpster delivered at 1830 (I called in the AM). Cable broke earlier, 3.5 hours down, catching up late.   Burgers.


6/13 Tuesday  Beautiful morning, clear, cooler, drier.  Couch really stinks…Febreezed it.  0830 out to work on masonry piles, starting with the one out the driveway by old fence line.  Then on to pile by second shed.  Mostly hand loading.  Loaded some “kindling” on top of bricks in dumpster when it got too high.  With dumpster half full, ran over a nail when some board from Dee’s “wood holder” fell off the bucket in the dumpster.  Removed it for repair (i have a spare inner tube).  Loaded trailer with various stuff we cut by driveway (twisty cedars and “ash”, etc), took to dump (3) and dropped off tire at Coastal on the way.  Back home, set up Weboost, clamped antenna to stink pipe, amazingly ot seemed to work, had a signal in the house.  Still not great, but an improvement.  El magueu shrimp burrito H shrimp fajita nachos T

6/14 Wed  Walmart 0700, various items, tractor supply for new inner tubes, Ace for misc, then pick up the tire.  Home 0930.  Troy, the guy Matthew suggested, says 2-2.5 year wait for his schedule.  (Thanks).  Tire back on tractor, worked on big masonry pile by shed, piece by piece, finally done.  Supplemented with various wood piles to fill dumpster oer top of bricks.  H cut cedars and removed part of the old wire fence by the driveway.  Filled trailer pretty much by herself, along with other trees.  Dump run 1430-1530 (4), then picked up more “kindling” and pushed stumps out, dumpster nearly full by end of day, will call in AM.  Froz pizza.


6/15  Thurs  Cut some stumps I couldn’t push out,  Cleaned up stuff around shed, pulled tarps from last huge piule of big kindling limbs, put all in diumpster.  Puit “Jezibel” in duimpster.  Misc trash.  Called Davis 0930.  Decided to go to Pokomoke/H&H furniture to look at couches (old one stinks).  Hot and dry, early lunch then departed 1145,  Bought new couch from “amber”, who couldn’t have been named anything else.  Her 8YO kid was just like Jr from Duo.  Stopped for a few things at Walmart, then picked up paint at Ace to try out on shed.  Also bouthg weedwacker.  Home 1630, ribs in oven, Grandma’s cornbread (excellent)


6/16 Fri  A little organizing in shed pre-0800, installed mailbox cover with some spray adhesive and magnets.  Looked at tractor pedals a bit, maybe adjust the tie rod?  Didn’t have metric wrenches, couldn’t loosen nuts with tools on hand (risking damage).  Limbed holly and cedar trees in new turnaround/circle area, filled trailer, 1130-1230 dump (5).  Shower/thunder.  Dumpster stll not swapped when we got back.  Worked on some limbs (dead) overhanging driveway,dumpster changed 1430, then worked on a couple ivy-covered piles of wood further out driveway, loaded into dumpster.About ¼ dumpster by 1630.  Also weedwacked around house and edges of driveway.  Sausage pasta, showers, nearby thunder.


6/17 Sat  Clearing, N wind.  0830-1400 cleaned up junk in woods behind second shed.  Fiureplace insert, bucket of straws  (spilled all over), plastic utensils, oil containers, food containers, pens stuck in ground like asparagus, ugh, come on Dee.  Cleaned up pile of stakes by shed, old metal roofing, pile of lumber that had mostly rotted.  H cut down many small trees along driveway and loaded trailer.  After break, cleaned up large pile of lumber offcuts and last pile of kindling along driveway, much hand-loaded.  Pushed up stumps etc, fueled tractor, h cut vines from trees, I removed railroad ties from behind blue shed and cut some small stuff to prep for paint.  Ribeye,potatoes, broccoli


6/18 Sun  Trailer to dump 0700 (6), Hardees, home 0800.  Painted shed with new color #790 Bayberry Blue, Clark and Kensington. Satin Looks great.  White trim (satin).Just what we wanted to match the cottage we saw years ago in PEI.  1 coat all around, trim will need more, doors are a mess.  Removed pantry cabinet and door from kitchen (pantry to dumpster), removed last of the old shutters (dumpster), then attacked large pile of wood by second shed, hand-loaded into trailer.  Big pieces, huge pile, much dry and turned to mulch, loaded smaller bits with tractor into dumpster.  Still a pile of junk by the end of the day, but t railer mostly full.   H worked on vines and small stuff near house and waterfront.  El Maguey


6/19  Mon  Replaced mailbox. Old one on platform too large, with angle brackets bolting to post.  Whole post came right out (rotting away, will need replacement).  Got brackets unscrewed from post, replaced platform, installed mailbox. WOrked on remaining mulch.wood pile to dumpster.  Tommy at 0945, suggested maybe 65K for all structural, new roof, closed in, windows.  Seems low but encouraging.  Waiting on engineer stamp on plans, still.    Finished off big log pile, cleaned up bits of old gates out by the pillars at the driveway, misc other junk, called for dumpster at 1200.  Headed to Wendy’s for lunch, a couple things at Food lion, home 1430, did some final cleanup hither and yon, modified shelf in the shed to make more room for tractor, did some organizing and cleanup, done 1630, played Korby.  Burgers-wedge-tots


6/20 Tues  Dump 0700 (logs), (7) shower on the way but stopped, threatening rain during unloading but mostly held off.  Home 0815.  Rain on the way home.  Egg sandwiches, dismantled turntable and reel-reel in old stereo (dumpster).  1030 or so rain stopped, went out to end of driveway with H to clean up brush piles, additional work.  Started raining again, OK for a bit beneath trees, but soon raining hard and SOAKED.  But we filled the trailer.  Changed, set off for dump with trailer at 1, but soon raining hard, all the way, turmed around in Belle Haven.  Stopped briefly when we got back, but then rained hard again.  1500, rain ended, chanced the dump (8), got it unloaded, home 1630.  Little Italy–Chicken Parm and Chicken Alfredo, Calamari.  Weather better than expected in the evening.


6/21 Wed  Rain and wind overnight, into morning.  Miserable out with forecast for “showers”, but mostly heavy rain and 40 Kt wind.  Lights blinked a bunch, I think it’s the holly branch rubbing on the wire leading to the house (forked over the wire, afraid to cut it because of wire).  Lots of small branches/leaves down, large top of pine tree from next door cracked off and fell in creek.  Rain stopped around 0930, still windy.  Drove around to Bayford boat ramp, around that peninsula a bit, ende up back at 13, headed up to Walmart, picked up lunch at Hardees, then found Davis Wharf with some difficulty.  Not much there, confining.  Looked out at creek and ate.  H ome 1300, wind, no rain.  Went out to clean up blowdowns, stuff from overnight, more wood from end of driveway, then rain again 1430.  Done.  El Maguey.


6/22 Thurs  No rain all day but cloudy.  Pulled 4 dead, downed trees from ivy in end of driveway, cut up, loaded trailer (big pieces set aside for later).  Worked on various cutting at end of driveway, filling trailer.  H cut vines, I weedwacked the ivy and other growth back a bit.  H cut yellow stuff, (hateable), cedars.  Filled trailer but remembered dump closed on Thursday.  So made stack of cedar brahcnes and logs to be loaded into trailer once emptied tomorrow.    Pork tenderloin, rice, peppers and onions


6/23 Fri  Dump 0700 (9), back 0815, loaded in cedar piles, back to dump, (10) home 0930+.  Sun trying to come out but very wet from previous rain. Went to town, Ace for a few things, flowers at Food Lion for Wallace and Grommit, returned and installed forest service sign on blue shed, cleaned up shed, cleaned up booster wiring installation and hardware installation, reattached handle to stereo cabinet with shorter screws.  Dinner at Wallace and Grommits at 1830, home 11.  Fun time.  Steaks, potatoes, garlic bread, salad, wine


6/24 Sat  Anniversary!  Humid out, tried out little heat pump for first time, did a good job cooling down the house.  Boat ride with Wallace 1000-1200, nice to see creek, weather was nice, sunny, hot, just the right breeze.  Saw the house th ey’re renovating for Robert Charles.  Pretty cool but quirky.  Trash and recycling to dump, stored trailer, packed, put tractor away, etc.  Done around 1500, H cleaned house, showers and misc prep, thigs/potatoes.  Early bed for early departure.


6/25 Sun Depart 0054, 77 degrees, no trailer, easy trip home, great mileage for first half of trip, piocked up little dogs and home in WF by 1230