The Lodge Log December 2023


1849 miles; 28.3 avg MPG for the trip.


12/2 Saturday  Depart 0115, light spotty rain, fog throughout the trip but not affecting travel, arrived 1230.  2 stops–Gandolfini and Hardees somewhere in MD off Ocean Highway.  HEavy traffic on DE 1, happy to get off on 301.  60 and gray at lodge, lodge good, no issues.  Unpacked, walk and play with dogs, brief doze but dogs wouldn’t let me for long.  Outdoor walk-about, early El Maguey 1700 or so, bed 1830, tired


12/3 Sunday  50s, light rain/showers.  2 dead mice in shower plus spider cricket, aka mexican jumping bean.  0745-1230 Demo in office, remove trim, cut around heat pump, remove paneling, remove closet shelves and wall.  Filled truck.  0900 Spectrum installer Lauren here, took till 1230 to complete.  Over 300 down, over 10 up.  Afterwards took debris to the dump, then to town for HW store (crowbar, etc), FOod Lion (froz pizza, drinks, cluster as usual, always slow and annoying there, thern Hardees for chix sandwich.  Home about 1400, removed some remaining 2x4s with crowbar, vacuumed up stuff in walls, removed vapor barrier plastic, done around 4, cleaned u, froz pizza


12/4 Monday  Clearing, low 50s, calm.  Nice day, mostly su nny, high 50s to 60 by PM. Moved truck to make way for Thornton, expected anytime.  Moved table etc. from dining area.  Chris Kilgore and helper, started with the heat pump over the DR, tough drilling, hit 3 pieces of rebar, took hours.  We went out on errands to WM for shop vac, minor food, etc, stopped for lunch at taco truck in Belle Haven, gorditas, excellent.  Back home, did some cleanup inside once crew moved outside.  They;ll have to do the bedroom one on Wedbesday since their bit was ruined, too bad as it’s vbe good to have the mess over with today.  Closed tomorrow because owner’s wife died over the weekend.  I removed trim from kitchen window (E), window bucks are basically the sides of the window.,  THornton departed at 3, will be back Wednesday.  Cleaned up house, made bed, misc.  Tony Meoldy came by for look at roof.  Kd an dhot dogs for dinner.  Flannel duvet cover was nice (regular bottom sheet for now)


12/5  Colder overnight, frost on fields.  Went to Hardees for biscuit.   Beautiful day, chilly but warming.  After some computer work, decided to go outside and work on vines on trees along driveway.  We used hand chainsaw and other tools to cut largest vines, pulling away from the trees.  Now all the big trees along the driveway (and many others) are free from vines at the bottom.  An ongoing process.  Sat and enjoyed the weather for a time, then decided to cut some low-hanging branches on pine at waterfront to open the view, and also those low bushes at the edge of the bank.  We did all this, and as we were soaking in the view Matt Mabalot arrived a bit early, and we discussed the electric for a while.  See electric notes for details.  Decided on replacement panel, service, and new meter box.  Afterwards, I dumped the stuff we cut earlier, put tools away, and found left rear tire on tractor was coming loose.  Two of zix bolts lost their nuts, the others all loose.  Tightened the four, removed one bolt for nut sizing.  Came in and did various computer stutt remainder of afternoon.  Chilly, have the heat pump going (office) and some baseboard..  El Maguey takeout.


12/6  Heard from Gary Ulmer overnight (email) about windows.  Emailed back to set up appointment; later confirmed for Friday 0900.  Removed window trim from north utility window, same measurements for RO as E window.  Will do double window tomorrow to confirm sizing there.  Thornton crew here 0840. Told Chris to leave some extra wire in the panel to allow for re configuring.  Departed for some driveabout at 9 or so.  HW store for nuts for fractor, new hammer, insulation., The Peacefuls, up to Melfa to look for the cool trailer we saw last November, somewhere  from Melfa after we went to Vance’’s.  Didn’t find it this time but ended up driving up to Accomac, then back down 13.  Stopped at Blue Crow, found a few fun cookbooks and another metal cake place like ours.  Taco truck again for lunch…tostadas.  Delish, again.  Beef, and chicken for me, pork for Heidi.  Back to the lodge, crew finishing up, took some time to set up the Kumo cloud app for the heat pumps.  All seems to be working well.  Will go into office to pay tomorrow.


12/7 Thursday  Finished demoing office–removed sheetrock from ceiling and closet walls.  Replaced insulation in ceiling as needed.    Pulled nails, etc.  Packed debris into truck for disposal.  Meanwhile, Heidi chipped away at the plaster in the kitchen behind the fridge, revealing a stud wall with metal/wire lath over everything.  I remove trim from the double window over hte desk to reveal what was beneath–same as wiht the other windows.  With this work done by 10AM, we decided to head to Lowe’s to look at kitchen cabinets, etc.  Stopped at dump on the way.  At Lowe’s, ended up talking with kitchen designer David Dobbs, who took my drawing and worked to replicate it on the computer.   Liked the (natch) top end Schuler cabinets, though could do OK with Kraftmaid too.  10-20K including countertops.  We liked cherry Verona cabinets (shuler), with Allen & Roth quartz in “river stone”.More to come.  Took doggies on a walk, misc. During the afternoon.  El Maguey takeout–burritos tipicos for both.


12/8 Friday  Marked outlets etc. with tape on walls for Matt.  Got ready for meeting with Gary to finalize window order–$4300, paid in full.  Will do factory double windows in the two locations, awning windows in kitchen, others as measured.  ¼” less than RO for all windows…will be tight but hopefully all will fit later.  Packed stuff, put shed back in order, walk with doggies. Measured from known pin on road to find the second one, closer to driveway than expected behind mailbox and near utility box.  71’.  Played with doggies, walked with doggies, took some video and pictures, got ready to go.  Early dinner, bed by 730.


12/9 Saturday Up at 1230, departed 0115, heat set to 55 in LR and bedroom, 50 on electric in bath, office turned off.  Went home via 50/213/301.  Got quite foggy by DE on 301.  Stopped at Middletown Royal Farms for fuel and wee, hoping to avoid NJ.  Gas station didn’t have ins and outs that easily allowed crossing the road–divided roads on both sides.  Have to go straight at light, then turn in; then go around back to Patriot Dr. to get out.   This caused frustration and minor delays.  Diesel only $3.99.  Very foggy on DE-1, couldn’t even see the bridge over the canal, made a wrong turn at Churchman’s crossing, should have stayed left to stay on DE 1, somehow stayed right, ended up on a divided road in dark and very foggy, Google wanted me to U-turn but not possible at any itnersections.  Maps on the display had stopped working for some reason, not helpful.  Heidi got maps on her phone and stayed calm, as usual.  I was pissed and annoyed and worked up.  Turned into a parking lot to recointer and find our way back, not really that bad but frustrating and very hard to see in the conditions, which made it much more difficult.  Plus google kept talking about routing us to “avoid I-95 closure), which made no sense.  Couldn’t see DelMemBr on crossing, but visby better thereafter.  NJTP showed red “-” signs all over it by the car/truck split, but no issues.  Not sure if this is what Google was talking about.  One more wee stop on 684, home by 1300.  Plenty of fuel to make it from Middletown to home.