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1963 Pearson Vanguard #5 | Monday, June 27, 2011

After spending the morning shifting boats, preparing the shop, and documenting the initial condition of the boat, I set her up level in the shop and prepared to begin a few exploratory projects.  While there were a number of important repairs required to the boat--most notably to the decks--the final scope of the project had yet to be determined, pending some of the immediate findings. 





The forward edge of the keel showed some rather significant cracks, and I suspected that delving into the area would reveal that the boat had struck a ledge or other underwater object, and subsequently repaired.


With a chisel and bare hands, I pared away thick flakes of loose material, resin-starved roving, filler, and other materials, eventually revealing a pretty good-sized hole in the keel, with suspect material still remaining around the edges.  For the moment, I'd opened it enough to get some sense of what lay ahead, which information I relayed to the owners.



Total Time on This Job Today:  2.5  hours

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