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Totoro | Thursday, January 5, 2012

With all the various pieces and parts now on hand, I could wrap up the final work list, beginning with installing the bow cleat and two sidedeck padeyes.



In the small well off the starboard side of the cockpit, I installed, at the owner's request, two pair of eyestraps that he could use to install lashings, a cargo net, or some such.

I installed the new drain fitting in the sink, then resecured the sink in a bed of sealant and with the four original screws in the corners.  Then, I installed the new drain hose with new clamps.  The rust staining on the hull is leftover from the old clamp.  Later, after I took these photos, I cleaned up the excess sealant around the sink flange.


This completed the scheduled work on the project.  I'd probably leave her inside the shop till after the weekend, just to ensure that all the paint/sealant had ample cure time.

Later, I prepared for the move by installing a very simple ridgepole to support a cover once I moved her outdoors.

Total Time on This Job Today:  2.5 hours

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