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Totoro | Monday, January 2, 2012

Now that the decks were repainted, it was time to begin reinstalling the hardware.  Going through the old fasteners, I elected to replace most with new fasteners, some of which I had in stock, but I had to order new fasteners for some of the hardware.  The one-day-after-the-fact New Years Day observance meant that my supplier wouldn't ship the fasteners till Tuesday, arriving here on Wednesday.

I got started where I could, with the bow pulpit and mast step.  The mast step was secured from the top with screws, and was straightforward to install in a heavy bed of new sealant.


Working from inside the cabin, I drilled a single pilothole at each of the four pulpit locations, using the existing holes as a guide.  Then, back on deck, I tapped these holes for new fasteners and, with the pulpit temporarily secured with the four screws, marked and drilled the remaining holes, ensuring that they'd all end up more or less in their original locations.  While I was at it, I also marked and drilled/tapped the holes for the mooring cleat, though I didn't have the correct fasteners on hand and would be permanently installing it later in the week.  During the recore, I'd prepared all these screw locations with solid glass (pulpit) and overboring the existing holes in the plywood centerline core (cleat).

After masking around the pulpit bases and completing the necessary preparations, I installed the pulpit in a be of polysulfide, and secured it with new nuts and washers as needed, cleaning up the excess sealant afterwards.


The remaining hardware (just the bow cleat and padeyes for the jibsheet leads) would have to wait till later in the week, once new fasteners arrived, along with the new sink drain (expected on Tuesday).

I lightly sanded the primer that I'd applied earlier to the outboard well and cockpit storage recess, and after cleaning up I applied a coat of polyurethane paint in a color that approximated the original gelcoat.


Total Time on This Job Today:  3.75 hours

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