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Summer Song | Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Only a few items remained on the list to be completed, beginning with the flagpole socket.  When I reinstalled it earlier, I'd forgotten about a wooden base that had been in the original installation, so after learning of the ommission earlier in the week I'd cleaned it up and varnished the base to prepare for installation in its proper place now.

The old cove stripe was worn, and damaged on the starboard side, so I installed a new cove stripe of gold leaf vinyl.  The Talaria logos at either end of the stripe required a curved, circular section that I couldn't recreate with the materials on hand; I thought I'd had some sheet vinyl in stock, but it seemed to have disappeared, so I ordered the correct material and would complete the final sections upon its arrival.   For current and future reference, I made rubbings of each of the four logos.



I loaded back aboard all the sails, cushions, and other gear that I'd removed for safekeeping at the beginning of the project, and spent the remainder of the day building a framework for the winter cover I'd install once the boat was back in outdoor storage.


Total Time on This Job Today:  6.5  hours

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