Skeedeen | Thursday, May 7, 2009

The varnish on the cabin sole was complete.  Before installation, my first move was to lay out for and cut the hole for a new clear deck plate at the aft end of the sole, where it would be hidden inside the step storage locker.  We decided that this new hatch (6") would be enough access to allow proper sponging of any water that should accumulate beneath the sole, along with the access beneath the drawer locker at the forward end, so we elected not to install any sort of hatch in the center portion of the sole.

Next, I predrilled holes for screws to secure the sole to the boat, using a cardboard template that I'd made earlier to show the general limits of the remaining "flanges" to which I could screw.  I milled countersinks at the tops of the holes to allow the screws to sit flush.

With the hole cut, but the hatch not yet installed, I slipped the sole into place and secured it with #10 x 1-1/2" bronze screws.  Then, I reassembled the step locker, making some modifications to a couple of the pieces where the needed to be shortened because of the greater height of the new sole, and then installed the new deck plate within the locker. 

Finally, I installed the trim around the edges of the sole, the same trim that I'd removed from the original installation, and reinstalled the port side locker door and frame.  I plugged all the screw holes as needed (in the step, locker trim, and elsewhere), and, when the glue cured, trimmed off the excess bung.

I cleaned up the interior, and the sole project was complete.



I thought a before and after comparison of the cabin sole would be good here.


With another boat on the way to the shop tomorrow, I moved Skeedeen back outdoors to await launching in a few weeks.



Total Billed Time on This Job Today:  4 hours

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