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Skeedeen | Monday, December 13, 2010

I had a short day planned, as I'd an unrelated appointment to attend in the afternoon, so it seemed a good time to work on some of the small electrical projects.

To begin, I laid out the cutout to accommodate the new panel and enlarged the existing opening in the bulkhead as need be.  Then, I installed the new teak backer board and the new 8-position panel.  I'd add the circuit labels later.

I installed a new switch for the wiper blade near the helm, and wired it to the appropriate space in the already-installed terminal block with an inline fuse, since the wires would no longer pass through the panel. 

Nearby, I installed a new kill switch in the helm bulkhead, which I'd later wire into the ignition switch and elsewhere as required.  After cutting the hole with the right size hole saw, I sealed the newly exposed core in the panel with some quick-setting epoxy, allowing me to install the switch itself in relatively short order.  This switch was part of a package that included a wireless unit worn by the operator, eliminating the need for the little "leash" used on normal kill switches. 


I wrapped up the day's available time with the very beginnings of some of the new panel wiring. 

Total Time on This Job Today:  2.75  hours

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