Skeedeen | Friday, April 9, 2010

I began the day with the new deck hatch in the cockpit.  With the hatch frame in place, I drilled pilot holes at the screw location, then drilled and tapped the holes for machine screws.  I installed a heavy bead of sealant on the deck (I'd previously taped around the hatch frame during an earlier step), and installed the hatch with #10 machine screws.


Next, I prepared to install the wooden hatch frame for the new forward hatch.  After using solvent to remove the remaining sealant residue from the old hatch, I masked off the sides of the frame, as well as the deck in way of the frame itself, and sanded the exposed gelcoat to prepare it for bonding. 

I installed the frame permanently in a bed of epoxy adhesive, clamping it in place while the adhesive cured.  Once I'd cleaned away the squeezeout, I removed the masking tape, leaving a clean edge.  I also filled any voids or exposed core inside the hatch opening as needed.  I'd finish up the varnishing with the frame in place, but thought the weekend would be a good time to glue the frame in place.


After lunch, I prepped the brightwork for varnish, cleaned up as needed, and applied a second coat to the toerail and forward part of the windshield and other areas, and a first coat to the inside of the windshield and all the trim around the helm area and engine box.

Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  5.5 hours

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