Sea Glass Refit | June 3-4, 2007

Mike and Scott were back on Sunday to work on some of the critical things that needed to be completed before launching, scheduled for tomorrow, Monday June 4th.

In a long day, they scraped and painted the bottom, painted the boottop, installed the new name on the transom, and repainted the port frames with a pleasing bronze color.  Other work that they completed included installing the propeller and tiller and installing a few pieces of deck hardware, including the cockpit locker hatches.

These final details served to truly bring the boat back together as a whole.



Later in the day, Steve Morse returned to truck the boat back down to South Portland, where she was to be launched.  Because I also had some other yard moves for him to do, including placing the next project inside the shop where Sea Glass had been, we temporarily blocked the boat up outdoors to await the transport and make room for the other boat.  Then, shortly after 1300, Sea Glass departed, headed for launching and a summer of sailing.


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