Sea Glass Refit | May 15, 2007

After a brief, unavoidable hiatus on Monday, I couldn't wait to spray the snow white Alexseal topcoats this morning.

With the boat and shop basically ready for the job, I began by doing the final solvent wash/cleaning of the areas on deck to be sprayed, and then tacked off afterwards.  Having spent too much time on previous jobs fighting with the two hoses that I have to drag around while painting--the large air hose to the spray gun and the supplied respirator air hose--I decided to try taping them together into a single unit to see if that made it any easier.  Typically, the hoses would tangle with each other, as well as with the staging and whatever else might be in the way.  I hoped that combining them into a "single" hose might eliminate at least part of the problem.  (This worked OK, but not perfectly.)

In the event, I sprayed, in three separate stages, three coats of Alexseal on the companionway hatch surround (on the coachroof) and cockpit well; the cabin trunk and cockpit seats (as applicable); and the toerails. The process went fairly well overall, though a lapse in proper spray motion caused an area on the cabin trunk to be overloaded with paint, creating an ugly curtain that I'd have to repair on the 'morrow.




Total Time on This Job Today:  6 hours

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