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Ms Lynne G |  Monday, September 29, 2014
Back at work after a vacation, I started with a light final hull sanding, all over with 120 grit on a finishing sander.  This was to ensure that all areas of the hull had received the same final treatment, as I'd concentrated of late on the upper portions while working on the gunwale glasswork.

After vacuuming and solvent-washing the hull, I set up to strike the waterline.  Using measurements I'd taken early in the project, along with the remaining vestiges of the original scribe marks in the hull, I placed horizontal beams at stem and stern, set up at the correct height in each case.



In my usual way, I stretched a string between the beams, just touching the hull amidships.  Taping the string in place as I went, I worked aft, pulling the string in incrementally so it touched the hull and making tick marks, till I reached the centerline.


With the after half of the boat done, I repeated the process from amidships to the stem.


Then, I repeated the process on the starboard side. 


This photo shows well the substantial (designed) hollow in the bow sections just aft of the stem.

Afterwards, I masked to the marks on the hull, then installed paper beneath the line to protect the bottom against overspray.  This line represented the top edge of the bottom paint, and the lowermost extent to which I'd apply primer and paint on the topsides.





I set the staging back up at deck height, and after a solvent wash, I masked off the deck as needed for primer, closing off various openings and covering the companionway trim, tillerhead, and scupper openings.




Setting up a small bench, I laid out and prepared various deck hatches and the outboard well plug for priming as well.

I rounded out the day with final preparations, including a thorough solvent wash of both hull and deck, using the proprietary solvent from the paint system, and accumulating and setting up paint equipment and paint.





Total Time Billed on This Job Today:  8.25

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