Kaholee Refit | October 18, 2007

After some early morning business away from the shop, I was just preparing to continue with the plumbing work when I heard a large truck outside.  It turned out to be the new Beta Marine diesel, arriving unannounced.  But it was nice to get the engine in any event.  I was unprepared for unloading, but we were able to easily slide the crated engine out of the semi trailer and into my pickup; later, I moved the engine into the shop for temporary storage.


Much earlier, with this repower and others in mind, I had made arrangements to have my small gantry crane modified--heightened and widened--so that it would be more effective in my shop.  The work had been done by my welder some weeks ago, and the parts were lying on the ground outside awaiting assembly.  Fortuitously, I had just called the guy earlier today, since he'd volunteered to help me erect the 15' tall by 16' wide crane, and as it happened he and his helper arrived around lunchtime.  We managed to bolt the crane together and raise it without incident.

After a few other related, yet non-noteworthy tasks involving some of the boat gear, I finished up the plumbing system (except for the galley sink's hand-pumped saltwater supply, for which there was insufficient hose).  This is a complicated system with a lot of hose.

I then finished up the day with some more work on the electrical system.  The additional circuit breakers for the panel had arrived, so I installed those and made a few additional wiring connections as appropriate.  At this stage, all that remained for the electrical system was a few additional wires for the electronics and instruments, and the final connections to the engine.



Total Time on This Job Today: 5 hours

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