Kaholee Refit | October 13, 2007

After some office time preparing yet another order for materials required for the electrical system's completion, I installed the faucet in the newly painted shower box, but held off on installation for the moment so that I could still have access to the back side of the city water connection in order to install the hose as required.

I sanded the new fiberglass on the transducer fairing, and applied a coat of fairing compound to smooth the overall transition into the adjacent areas of the hull. This particular project is nearly at its end.

I spent the rest of the day working on the electrical system.  I installed several more #2AWG battery cables, and made up some of the connections to the bilge pump switches and propane system shutoff.  I also completed some additional wire runs over to the yet-to-be-built auxiliary control panel adjacent to the nav station, where I planned to install the VHF radio, windlass circuit breaker, and GPS head.  My immediate goal was to complete the wiring in the back corner of the electrical area so that I could install the face panel and then complete the remaining wiring connections through the hinged part of the panel opening.  As always, I labeled each wire and attempted to keep the increasingly bulky wiring runs as cleanly organized as possible.

Electrical is a fun, if extraordinarily labor-intensive, part of the project; the tasks described in the above paragraph required 6.5 hours.  This is a rather complex electrical system, and there remains plenty of work before it will be complete.


Total Time on This Job Today: 7.5 hours

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