Kaholee Refit, Phase 3 | Friday, June 27, 2008 (and period preceding)

With little available time and the boat located an hour away in Rockland, it was a challenge to finish up some of the remaining work list.  However, I managed a full afternoon and evening one day, and knocked off all the remaining items needed to allow Kaholee to get under sail.

On the day's work list:

-Install boom bails, blocks, and fairleads for mainsheet
-Reeve mainsheet and install line stopper
-Install genoa tracks
-Reeve roller furling line and install roller furling headsail
-Install cam cleats and line for traveler controls
-Install mainsail
-Install outhaul

By 8 PM, I'd completed everything on the list, and pronounced the boat ready for a trial sail.



On June 18, Kaholee was plucked from the water once more and re turned to her trailer to prepare for the journey--by road--south to Chesapeake Bay sometime later on.  There was a sizeable punch list of items remaining to be completed, most notably the radar mast and associated antennae, plus several smaller items.  As of this writing, she's back at the shop with work underway to complete the list--this time for real.  Details on the final work and completion of the project will be forthcoming as appropriate.


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