Kaholee Refit, Phase 3 | Tuesday, July 8, 2008 (and period preceding)

Over a couple different days, I completed most of the assembly and wiring for the components on the radar mast.  After finally getting the right bolts to secure the radome to the platform, I secured the dome as appropriate, and then snaked its cable--and several other cables (2 GPS cables, 1 VHF cable, two wires for the solar panel, and a slim wire for a satellite radio antenna) through the tube and down into the boat at the base.  I secured the wires where exposed with wire ties.

With all the wiring now inside the boat, I cleaned it up and ran the wires up into the cabin and to the various components as needed, and connected the solar panel to the house batteries through its supplied regulator.  I'd hoped to stand the radar mast up, but found that I couldn't support the pole and straighten out the wires beneath by myself, since the pole was rather top heavy with the equipment (and, notably, the large platform and arch) on top, so for the moment I left it down on deck for later erection.

One afternoon, after finishing up some painting on another project in the shop, I secured the remaining hardware to the boom:  a pair of 4' tracks for the reefing lines, a winch and line stopper for same, and some eye straps for the lazy jacks.  This completed the work on the boom.


All that remained on my punch list was to install the new shelf/storage area I'd built to hold the various bimini and cockpit enclosure components above and clear of the V-berth, which I completed shortly, though it seems I failed to take any pictures of the project.


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