Kaholee Refit | August 24, 2007

Today's work focused mostly on the cabin sole seams.  With all the teak now permanently installed, my next step was to trim the overhanging edges around the hatches and so forth, as necessary.  I used a router with a bearing-guided straight bit to trim the teak to the exact shape of the hatch openings and bilge hatches.   Then, I cleaned up the resulting mess and vacuumed between the slats in the sole to prepare for the black epoxy.

Over the next couple hours, I mixed up a series of batches of epoxy modified with graphite powder (for the color) and silica (for thickness) and troweled it into the seams and around the edges of the cabin sole as required.  This was by nature a messy proposition.  I left the epoxy to cure before attending to the next steps.



Total Time on This Job Today: 3.5 hours

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