Iota Refit | Friday, January 25, 2008

It was a pretty short day today, as I wrapped up the final steps in the deck preparation.  I began, as usual, with sanding yesterday's small bit of epoxy filler.  Then, I vacuumed the decks, and went over things with a compressed air nozzle to help blow remaining dust out of any tiny pinholes; afterwards, I solvent-washed and prepared a small batch of Alexseal fairing compound, which I troweled into various pinholes and other minor interruptions that I'd located in the deck areas containing epoxy fairing compound.

Ahead lay one final sanding:  a light sanding with a vibrating sander and 120 grit over the entire decks, as a final smoothing and to sand the newly-filled areas from today.  After that, I'd move onto the hull for next week's task, with the ultimate goal of completing the hull preparation by the end of the week.




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