Iota Refit | January 11, 2008

In a long day, I cut and installed all the new core material as required for both sides of the deck.  Because of the messy and time-sensitive nature of the installation process, unfortunately I didn't take many pictures during the actual process.

For each section of deck, I followed this basic process for core installation; to break up the work, I cut and installed completely each section before beginning work on the next area:

1.  Using the paper template, I transferred the pattern to sections of new core, cut the pieces as required, then fine-tuned the fit with the core in position on the boat.  I omitted the core material around known hardware locations, such as stanchion bases, sail tracks, chainplates, hawsepipe, padeyes, and pulpit bases.

2.  With thickened epoxy, I filled the narrow under-deck areas adjacent to each open deck section, being sure to push the material all the way into all recesses.  Then, I troweled a thin coat over the surface of the inner skin to fill the air voids and surface irregularities that existed there.

3.  I spread thickened epoxy adhesive onto the inner deck skin with a v-notched trowel, then pressed the core (scrim side down in this installation, since the existing curvature of the inner deck skins required the scored side of the core to face upwards in order to properly conform) into the adhesive thoroughly by hand.  I filled any voids around the edges with additional thickened epoxy as required.  Then, I spread epoxy over the top surface of the core, forcing it into the kerfs as needed.

4.  I covered the area with plastic and used a weight-enhanced, gravity-based system to hold the core securely in place in the adhesive over the entire area.

For informational purposes, this installation required 258 oz. of mixed epoxy/hardener, 15 qt. of cabosil, and 6 sheets of 3/8" scored balsa core.





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