Iota Refit | Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There wasn't much to do while I waited for the hull paint to cure enough.  My next steps would involve more taping and then spraying primer and topcoat on the boottop, but I wanted to wait another day before taping onto the under 24 hour-old hull paint.

However, I did remove the tape that had defined the upper edge of the boottop during the hull painting, and taped off the lower edge of the boottop as well, relocating the protective plastic a bit lower on the hull in the process.  Most of the original scribe mark delineating the lower edge (which also corresponded to the top edge of the bottom paint) was still visible, but in some areas I had to re-strike the line, since some unknown and long-ago work on the boat had obviously removed the original scribes, at least in part.

With that work done, all I could really do was wait until I felt comfortable taping the new paint.  With some unrelated work on a different project scheduled for Thursday, I planned to tape and prime the boottop on Friday with topcoats scheduled for Saturday.


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